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Bringing the heat since 1997 – From Hatch Valley to Your Table

It’s a story that begins in New Mexico’s Hatch Valley. A place where the passion of green chile has been passed down from generation to generation. Where every year in August, the mouth-watering smell of roasting green chile fills every street corner. Hatch Valley green chile is legendary for a reason, the perfect balance of warm New Mexico sunshine and fertile soil infuse flavor and character into this distinctive green chile. At 505 Southwestern®, we like to think of the Hatch Valley as the “Napa Valley” of green chile. The flavor is so special, that it inspires the people behind 505 Southwestern® to bring the authentic taste of the Hatch Valley harvest season to your table, any time of day, any time of year. It’s “Hatch to Table™”.



Where there’s smoke there’s 505SW
505 Southwestern makes fire-roasted, premium green chile -based sauces and salsas.
The Hatch Valley Difference
The Hatch Valley stretches north-south along the Rio Grande in New Mexico. The fertile soil and perfect growing conditions create a delicious flavor found only in Hatch Valley chiles. Besides the wonderful taste, the color, quality, consistent heat level, and sustainability all contribute to the popularity of Hatch Valley chiles.