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A new frontier of flavor

To forge a new frontier of flavor in Hispanic and Southwestern food, we have united and grown families of brands…

The 505 Southwestern brand group:

  • 505 Southwestern is the country’s largest jarred green chile brand
  • 505SW’s sister brand, Young Guns, has a cultlike following and dominates green chile in produce
  • Hatch Kitchen brings the bold flavor of green chile into consumers’, ready-to-serve frozen foods

The La Tortilla Factory brand group:

  • La Tortilla Factory is the #1 nationally distributed tortilla brand that is focused on premium and better-for-you
  • Recently launched Tradición, offers consumers traditional flour, corn and hybrid tortillas of the highest quality that meet our strict standards for flavor and softness
  • Mama Lupe’s exists as one of the most trusted traditional tortilla brands in the Central US
  • Tortilla chips

The Yucatan Guacamole brand group:

  • Yucatan Guacamole is one of the largest refrigerated guacamole and dip brands in the US and Canada
  • Cabo Fresh introduced the first ever organic guacamole and presents a flavor to suit every palette and lifestyle
  • Our exclusive guacamole squeeze products are some of the fastest growing items in this group

TJ Farms: one of the original building blocks of Flagship and a principal frozen brand that allows Insignia to bring incredible value to consumers

Lilly B’s: one of the leading organic frozen food lines at the club store


Hatch Valley Green Chile

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Tortillas & Chips

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Avocado / Guacamole

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Frozen Refrigerated & More

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