Private label


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To fit your private label brand’s needs, we specialize in Hispanic / Southwestern foods, from salsa, sauces, guacamole and green chile to tortillas, taco shells and tortilla chips. We also offer potato products, appetizers and handhelds. In addition to catering to your store’s needs for Hispanic / Southwestern foods, owing to a decades long track record as a purveyor of restaurant quality, ready-to-cook and fully cooked frozen breaded and battered chicken, we are also experts with chicken products.

While we continue to develop our own brands, we recognize the significant advantage of strategically aligning with nationally recognized brands under licensing or representation agreements. These brands are incorporated into our portfolio as if they were our own, and we work closely with our partners to build and develop these brands internationally through our vertically integrated internal infrastructure and more than 30,000 retail partnerships.

Private label…leading retailers. We are proud to have built a broad offering of quality Hispanic / Southwestern foods and niche expertise in specialties like French fries and breaded chicken all sold at some of America’s best known national retailers.

Our private label portfolio includes:

  • Southwestern / Hispanic foods: salsa, sauces, guacamole, tortillas, taco shells and tortillas chips
  • Breaded Chicken: ready-to-cook and fully cooked
  • Appetizers and Handhelds
  • Potatoes and Fries