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One stop transportation solutions

Flagship Logistics Group can assist you with LTL/TL temperature controlled shipping management solutions to enable your company to reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve service levels with Nationwide coverage.

From quoting on a single load to handling all of your freight management needs, we will partner with you to optimize every aspect of your logistics – down to the last mile.

Flagship Logistics Group provides tactical solutions that could help your business achieve more by maximizing your logistics practices; particularly your LTL temperature-controlled freight.


Multi-temperature Warehousing for the Food Industry

As part of Insignia International, Desert Premium Logistics (DPL) knows firsthand how to deliver safe, high quality, cost-effective multi-temperature warehousing to manufacturers, retailers and distributors in the food industry.  DPL is an asset based 3PL that offers pallet storage, pick & pack order fulfillment, with a brick-and-mortar option for a dedicated plant support facility.  Specializing in frozen and dry storage, DPL is a food grade and organic-certified and based out of a benchmark setting facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Our team can store any product and avoids the cost and inconvenience of sourcing multiple warehouse management solutions.

By our association with Insignia International, Desert Premium Logistics has decades of direct experience with all the variables involved in transport, storage and distribution from farm to store shelves.