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It starts and ends with guac

We started making guacamole 28 years ago in the fertile, sun-kissed Michoacán fields of Mexico where avocados originated centuries ago. Combining old world tradition with new world methods, Yucatan’s story begins with the finest fruit, the best climate, and a love of great guacamole.



From the peninsula with love

We hand-pick our avocados during the peak growing months between October and May when the oil content and flavor of the fruit are in their prime. We then hand-scoop each avocado to ensure a consistent and excellent flavor year-round. This is our process to making the best tasting, most authentic guacamole on the market for nearly three decades.


Mouth watering flavor

From tree to table, Yucatan’s avocado products are made with the highest standards of excellence. Yucatan guacamole is chunky, chip-breaking guacamole made with 95% avocado. Simply put, we’re the best tasting, most authentic guacamole you can buy.