Lilly B’s Press Release

Flagship Food Group is pleased to announce that our Lilly B’s brand of Good For You products are being offered in Costco San Diego Division. Now consumers can find Lilly B’s Organic Bean, Rice & Cheese Burritos in Costco in Southern California, Arizona, Utah, Denver, New Mexico & Nevada clubs. These great tasting 6oz burritos are made with organic ingredients, have only 290 calories and contain 10g of protein.

Lilly B’s line of products originated from a single vision — consumers should be able to trust a brand to deliver great tasting, high quality food that looks out for their family’s health. As an entrepreneur in the food industry and the father Lilly B, Rob Holland too often saw consumers purchasing products that were exposed to pesticides, contained gluten, used unnecessary chemicals, preservatives and GMO ingredients, and added too much sugar and sodium. Using Flagship Food Group’s extensive R&D and food manufacturing capabilities, Rob is on a mission to make Good For You food staples, while still delivering great taste!

In addition to our commitment to Good For You quality products, Lilly B’s is committed to supporting the family structure. One way we are helping is by including Mealtime Moments on our packaging and on our website. These Mealtime Moment tips are designed to encourage conversation among family members at the dinner table. Take a moment and check them out at